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Poor Self-Image, Resulting In Low Self-Esteem Can Be Fixed At Comprehensive Dental Care

The appearance of the teeth has a dramatic effect on both the person's attractiveness to others and on their own self-image and self-esteem.  Studies have shown that a person's appearance will have a strong effect on their social and career success, by influencing how others perceive them.

While the appearance of the teeth is one of the most important contributors to facial beauty, it is also probably the most often neglected when improvements to appearance are sought. A person with low self-esteem connected to their facial appearance, can often be greatly helped by sedation dental procedures.

Dental make-overs at Comprehensive Dental Care have become more common, less invasive, and more effective in correcting deformities and sedation dental problems. The effect of these procedures can be nothing short of dramatic both in terms of appearance and also in terms of correcting, at least partially, personality deficiencies caused by poor self-image.  Ugly teeth are no longer a matter of fate; they are now becoming a matter of choice.

Please call our office at Comprehensive Dental Care with any questions you may have about the benefits of a dental make-over with Dr. Marx.

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