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At Comprehensive Dental Care, Chevy Chase sedation dentist, Dr. Kostrov, has made the choice to make all patients' dental health the first priority.

The Comprehensive Dental Care team provides excellence in service and care for Chevy Chase sedation dentistry patients.  With the quality of work provided at Comprehensive Dental Care, patients can witness the dedication of the team.

Now it is your turn to make a choice.  Dental health is a vital part of your overall health.  When you choose to make your dental health a priority, remember that you will need a dentist who does the same.

Call the Comprehensive Dental Care office today to begin your journey towards an everlasting, beautiful smile.

Lost Teeth Impact Total Health -  Dr. Marx Can Help

The impact of losing natural teeth goes much deeper than appearance. Dr. Alan S Marx and the team at Comprehensive Dental Care have seen many patients who lose their teeth because of gum disease. Along with this loss goes a sense that their quality of life is also deteriorating. Resorting to dentures means that only twenty percent of the functions of natural teeth do are left.


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